Debbie is a true gift to the writing industry. When I wanted to write my own children’s book as part of a community service project, I had no idea where to start. Knowing she was an expert in self-publishing, I reached out to her for guidance and she quickly became my mentor. Whether it was helping me get my thoughts on paper, connecting me to different tools and resources, or becoming an editor herself, she supported me in every step of the process. Most importantly, she gave me the confidence I needed to live out my vision and for that, I am forever grateful.

Bianca Liriano

This Test Doesn’t Define You

Dream Believe Publish is experienced, professional and resourceful in bringing one’s art to life!

Dream Believe Publish takes a compassionate and creative approach to evolve art to a reader’s eyes whether in a book, product or online. Dream Believe Publish creates books, postcards, posters and will transform artwork to near any form imaginable in order to bring your work to life.

I am grateful for the efforts of Dream Believe Publish for bringing my first poetry with photography color chapbook “Nature’s Breath” and ten associated 5” x 7” double-sided postcards to life in less than 30 days.

Dream Believe Publish was determined to yield professional quality products with a steadfast demand for excellence in the process. Every detail needed to evolve the poetry, photography, art, and vision for publishing, were executed with thoughtful, expert care and I am extremely grateful!

Sheri Lynn

Breathe Insights

Deb was a tremendous catalyst in helping me to quickly finalize a family project that took a few years to put together. It is a treasured keepsake of family stories and recipes inspired by the love and warmth of our family matriarch, my mom, who demonstrated her love for our family through her cooking. Knowing Deb could take all of the book’s text, photographs and recipes and lay it out efficiently allowed me to focus on the themes and narrative of the project. Her positivity and sense of productivity made getting to the finish line possible and enjoyable.


Armi Rowe

Personal Historian

Dream Believe Publish has exceeded all expectations in helping to publish my first book.  They are experienced, professional, always responsive, and in a responsible, timely manner.  The resourcefulness and willingness to step out of the box to help, recommend and advise to ensure their client’s success.

Dream Believe Publish understands the art of publishing your book and takes into consideration their client’s personality, desires, and listens to their passion for creating a beautiful finished published book.

They also go above and beyond just publishing and offers other services and creations of other materials.

Sammiestail is very happy with the final book, and the response from most people is very excited and positive as well as remarks on how beautiful the book is.  Their vision and quality are just brilliant.

I highly recommend and will continue to use Dream Believe Publish.

Thank you for all that you do.

Stasie Fishman