Dream Believe Achieve Athletics

It is proven that a sense of accomplishment, win or lose, increases self-esteem and longevity in sports.

Sports are about more than the score and who won. It’s about goal setting, celebrating the small victories, it’s about the experience and the life lessons learned by participating in organized sports.  Dream Believe Achieve Athletics sports-specific scorebooks and journals hopes to provide a resource for young athletes to record, reflect and remember their experiences. 

Boundless Beginnings

It is not about grammar or spelling. It’s about unleashing imagination and enjoying the process of creating and telling a story.

In Boundless Beginnings Story Starters, you don’t even need a notebook. There is room in the book to write up to 3 full pages of the story. When you finish the story, there’s a place to write the title and draw a picture.

There is an assortment of story starters in this books. Some short, some long, some in the first person others in the third person. There are no rules, just have fun with it and write. The more you write the easier it and more fun it gets. Get stuck? Don’t worry, there is a tip section in the back to help you grow each story. Want to change something we wrote? Go ahead! It’s YOUR story.

There is no wrong way to create!

3 Lil’ Things

Are you a journaler wannabe?  I love the concept of keeping a journal – the concept. It’s something someone who is deep and self-aware would do. I consider myself neither. It’s something that takes time and dedication. Things I wish I had but don’t. But that shouldn’t stop me or anyone else. You can reap the benefits of journaling without spending hours a day pouring your heart and soul out on paper. This book is not for the avid “journaler” but rather the “journaler wannabe.” 

A good habit that’s easy to do.  No pressure. Just a quick 3 lil’ things. Don’t worry, there isn’t a lot of room! Nothing is pre-dated so if you end up skipping a day or two it doesn’t matter. Just pick up where you left off.


Kick-start your college selection

This singular book contains everything you need to kick-start your college selection!  Journey2College workbook is filled with worksheets to keep on point for your specific college goals.

This straightforward resource provides you with a method for organizing important college planning insights by serving as comprehensive self-guided workbook. Here you will be able to keep track of information gathered while touring and interviewing colleges. You can also set planning and criteria objectives in preparing for each step of your college decision process.

Caregiver Journals

There is no job more difficult than caring for a loved one. You try to pay attention to the doctor’s orders but moments after the appointment you are not sure exactly what was said. Hours of caring quickly melt into one and it can be challenging to answer questions accurately. And the questions, they are endless and precise answers are expected and needed. This book is designed to help the caregiver keep track of medications, tests, procedures, doctor’s names, contact information and more. Being able to quickly answer questions and feeling in control and organized can ease the stress of the caregiver(s).