Jericho Writers has an amazing and comprehensive guide

Jericho Writers was founded by writers, for writers. All the major options reviewed, with pros and cons for each. is definitely worth checking out. 

  • Option 1: Traditional publication, via a literary agent and a traditional publisher
  • Option 2: Traditional publication, but without a literary agent
  • Option 3: Traditional publication, via a book proposal
  • Option 4: Traditional publication, via a micro-publisher
  • Option 5: Self-publishing via Amazon
  • Option 6: Publishing via a digital-first publisher
  • Option 7: Publishing via APub, Amazon’s publishing arm
  • Option 8: Publication via a vanity publisher
  • Option 9: Publication via a print/design company
  • Option 10: Self-publishing leading to traditional publication
  • Option 11: Crowd-funding your publication
  • Option 12: Publishing via a social platform

How can we help?

Do your research and figure out what path your book is going to take.  There is no right or wrong answer.  

If you decide to self publish Dream Believe Publish can help you every step of the way.